Public Relations (Master) The part-time Master of Public Relations is accredited and is provided since the winter semester 2016/17. Curriculum.

Facts and Figures.Part-time part-time with on-line and classroom components.

six half academic year (semester)No, admission specifications see examination regulations.Winter and summer systematic literature review software engineering semesters.Approach to their research.obtain employed in PR by way of the study parallel to their perform inside the corporation a Master’s degree with 120 ECTS in the category “Public Relations” at a public university.That is made possible firstly by the curriculum is composed primarily of distance finding out proportions are embedded presence 3 week ends into each and every semester (blended studying). Second, the daily operate in the firm within the type of practical elements is going to be incorporated within the structure of your curriculum. An optimal studiability parallel with function ensures the right attainable combination of theory and practice of public relations function whereas studying is achieved.

The plan is aimed at specialists in firms, agencies and also other organizations which might be active in communication management or in connected management functions. The interdisciplinary and practice-oriented master’s program is made so that around the 1 hand opens up the scientific tasks within the expert field of public relations, specialization permits and ready to take more than management tasks.The graduates of your Master’s plan “Public Relations” are skilled, essential and inventive communicators, which feature a well-founded knowledge and common social and communication expertise currently have comprehensive practical experience within a specialist operate environment. They are for this reason qualified to take important and management positions in communications management from national and international suppliers and organizations. That is particularly accurate inside the context of a digital, networked and multi-optional media culture that consistently new and much more complex demands on Catching in public relations.

To ensure this, the master’s system “Public Relations” extends the understanding, understanding and capabilities of students within the field of organizational communication and adjacent understanding and fields of activity. Furthermore towards the expertise of critical communication of scientific developments, media theory and their application, students

out the will need to personal public relations operate to query against the background of ethical principles and reflect.

Here’s what the system Public Relations.Proven Program Notion with no affecting the profession outstanding high exam good results price by means of the Kiel model Enhanced career opportunities by way of upskilling use of synergies involving job and study Properly manageable understanding units Tight supervision by each day attainable Professor / inside and lecturer / interior soft capabilities like communication and conflict resolution skills, presentation and rhetoric, leadership and teamwork involvement inside the alumni network, which consists of PR experts, journalists and media pros.Admission specifications.on admission specifications and application procedure supplies information and facts on the following web page:Next-building programs are usually not zero cost. For alot more knowledge in regards to the course content material and resulting tuition charges, please contact the course coordinator: