can a dog beat a mountain lion

The account of what happened is not a win whatsoever. The only chance the Kangaroo has, is to out run the Lioness which is unlikely or out distance the Lioness which could happen. When a mountain lion kills livestock, it can be hunted down if the California Department of Fish and Wildlife issues a depredation permit. @waynewilsonslade: That's not standing a chance. They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. I will repeat this for the final time and hope you comprehend it, I certainly have tried: For a non-human predator to beat another; in the real world, killing is essential. Lions most often hunt rabbits and other small mammals, including small dogs and cats. Bagging his lion required multiple hunts over a two-year span. I have no idea whether my response to post #512 is showing up because I cannot see it on this page, yet it is viewable on my profile forums page and was marked as best answer. I suggest reading up on mountain lion behaviour. Dog Saves Owners From Mountain Lion. It held it down until the man came to kill it. :p. Cougars, yes, there are big dogs that could manage one. That's their job. An Akita would protect you against any threat (human or otherwise). NO DOG can fight a lion and win, ONE ON ONE or head to head if a lion was INTENT TO KILL. 1: How exactly was it debunked and how did Morocho lose to the cougar? I did not say that Morocho ''lost'' - I said that the Dog clamped onto the Cougar while the cat was in mid-air and merely held it in place for as long as it could until the owner arrived. Litters can range in size from one to six cubs. (That's the water by the way)....And Cougars are capable of killing Wolves? Cover around neck or not. That isn't the point. Asked by Wiki User. The Cougar (or Mountain Lion is some parts of the country) would kill the dog rather easily, no doubt. I think mountain lions are a lot more cat than a puma. Answer. Mastiff Dogs are not capable of beating Cougars, Jaguars or Lions; what info you've provided thus far is utterly unimpressive in comparison to Big Cats/predators. Jaguars are capable of killing Crocodiles whereas Cougars are capable of killing Wolves. No dog stands a chance agsinst a cougar. Male cougars are anywhere between 160-200 and can get as big as 220. there is another Dog" Pakistani Bully kutta" looks same like Kangal but no phur on his skin .but bite force more than Kangal.Pakistani Bully kutta has bite force 850 + lb .they are used underground in dog fight, once they caught then no mercy.weight can be 120 kg according to diet and height can be upto 36 inches average .they have muscular body .if their diet is proper then two men are required to hold them ,they can stop the attack of lion but cant win cos lion eat just meat and have powerfull nails.for fight. Had the owner not arrived, the Cougar would have had more than enough time to kill the Dog. Through the process of SELECTIVE BREEDING and EVOLUTION, helped by DEVOLUTION too. They are much, much stronger than any Dog; a swipe of a Jaguar's paw could crush the skull of a Tibetan Mastiff. In it some children were picking figs accompanied by their pet dogo, when the saw a mountain lion in the tree. If I had you pinned on the ground with my hands wrapped around your neck how in the hell can you think you won that fight? They are ruthless, heard they even kill wolves. 2: Tiger sharks have trouble piercing turtle shells so how the hell are Jaguars going to pierce it? Jaguars are a whole different story however, and I don't see any dog breed standing much of a chance against one, closest would probably be a kamgal or Tibetan mastiff and even then I see them getting mauled by the larger and more powerful jaguar. Other option is to import one but my country the costs total 15-20k US. I've already shown you a story of a Dog beating a Cougar and now I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. He required surgery to treat his injuries, but is expected to survive. Lions, fully grown male lions can dispatch even the most powerful of dog breeds in seconds. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. There are multiple accounts of dogs fending off cougar. 1: Of course it can, show me a video of a Jaguar killing a fully grown Crocodile (Which is not a caiman by the way).... in it's natural habitat (That's the water). I never did, but hey you are still arguing that a cougar can beat a dog when a dog called Morocho has already beaten a cougar (but if your ego is so big to dismiss that story and carry on with the same "HURR DURR THE OWNER KILLED THE COUGAR SO THE DOG DIDN'T WIN HURR DURR" Then please continue. She’s lucky the blade didn’t just bend. In the wild, a mountain lion can live up to 10 years. A Basenji dog in Africa attacks a wild lion and lioness. What do you think of the answers? some of the time, the only reported videos of big dogs killing a cougar is when 2 dogo argentinos beat a DECLAWED injured cougar. Now stop with your half arsed deflections. And that dog wasn't even that large. LOL. A Tibetan Mastiff is in the 700lbf, Kangals have a bite force of roughly 800lbf, So how exactly is that not enough to pierce Caiman skin? There ain't no way in hell a Jaguar is breaking a turtles shell. Do you want to show you a video of 1 Dog killing 2 Wolves by itself? I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. Yes the mule killed the mountain lion. theres a video of a cougar ripping a dogo argentinos face off, i'll send it if you want. Lions are killing machines and don't just have teeth to kill either, they have muscle, intelligence and claws that can tear so far down into flesh, researches can tell lion kills by looking at claw marks on bone. Lions can weight 265 to 420 lbs the largest dogs barely get out of the 200lb range. Once I challenged this and cited the fact that a Jaguar can pierce turtle shells; you backed off, so again, you are being disingenuous. LOL, you have gone from saying that Tibetan Mastiffs can fight off Leopards and Jaguars to now saying they can fight off Tigers and Bears. If the latters were unhealthy and about to die then I think even a puppy can crush them. There is a big Turkish dog that many claim can defeat any dog breed. Wolves tend to avoid larger predators, even when in packs. How? The other links you cite are from sources such as ''Canine Planet'' and the other source links to a dramatized reenactment, which of course, does not provide the context of the first link. It sprays up to 30 feet and scares the lions long enough for a person to get away. Evidence please? It's other possibility could simply be out maneuvering the Lioness witch is also very possible. 2 wolves? They just replayed the same clip of the dog mauling it at 2:53 and 4:36. If the Kangaroo can't get away and has to fight back, then its an almost certain win for the Lioness. With a trail spear or a staff in your hands, and a good knife on your belt, don’t yell and flail about. You are making yourself look even more ridiculous by claiming that they are capable of ''fighting off'' Bears. You're linking to canine websites and MMA forums. Do you have trouble reading or something? Seems about right, although you can definitely do better than a bread knife. They have one of the strongest bite-forces among the big Cats, and are capable of dragging an 800lb bull 25 feet. Still have questions? In captivity, they can live up to 21 years. Depends. I already proved that a Dog could beat a Cougar and now I've just proved that Dogs can beat Leopards and now I'm working on proving Dogs can beat Jaguars.. EDIT: Morocho had the cougar pinned to the ground with its Jaws around the Cougars neck, But the Dog (Morocho) is not trained to kill, it is trained to hunt and hold the prey until its master finishes the job just like all hunting dogs that are used for large prey. Give me some evidence to show that a Dog's bite-force can come anywhere near that of a Jaguar. Jaguars killing Crocodiles? One blow from a lion's paw could break a wolf's neck, and one bite in a vital area would mean death. The Department of Wildlife is monitoring the area. Atleast you are no longer arguing that a Mastiff can beat a Lion.... 1: So you aren't disputing the fact that the Dog won? Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion, a mountain lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs (you’ll see the dogs in the background watching). The dog was seriously injured in his attempts to fight off the large cat. Of course it can right, man can drug the animal, defang it, de claw it, manipulate it, used a captive abused animal. I propose that with a wolf's agility and sharp claws, there would at the very least be a scenario where the wolf would win. EDIT: Silly me, it was transferred to page 1. No Dog would be capable of doing that;considering the Dog story you posted shows that a Dog's bite was not even capable of killing a Crocodile, what chance would it stand in killing a Crocodile? Dogs don't get that big. What is the maximum weight difference for a female dog to breed with a larger male? You still haven't provided evidence to as why these Dog breeds can even pose a threat to a Jaguar; which is much larger on average, has demonstrated a higher bite force and has sharper claws/longer fangs. A mountain lion is believed to have killed an 85-pound black Labrador retriever named Bubba, dragging it over a 3 1/2-foot wall in north Glendale. Yes. lions bite force is only around 600-700 lbs i heard that the Turkish KANGAL dog has a force of 700lb.. 1: A male Jaguar can kill crocodiles; 2: and they are capable of piercing turtle shells. By “good” I mean big enough to be useful. 3: For your sake I hope your post is your attempt to cling to pride and nothing more. In Australia kangaroos can fall prey to 60 to 100 pound wild dogs and dingoes. If a fight between a lion and a dog was to take place, the dog would be dead within 20". If the Dog was capable of winning, why did it fail to kill the Cougar? If anything is half-arsed, it's your posts; which are among the most pathetic attempts I've seen at attempting to seriously debate. These aren't peer-reviewed at all. u guys are forgetting the heyina and the tibetan mastiff plus they where used in rome and also timber wolves so really there are 340 dog breeds thats a high number and really the dog breed will win because again 340 beeds of dog so one or 10 of the breeds can win against a lion so stop ******* saying a lion will win. This dog has the best overall mixture of size, strength, bite force, agility, and is adapted to hunting and killing of land predators of almost any size, even some bears, though not typically 1 on 1 vs bears. The young may stay with their mother for as long as 26 months, but usually separate after about 15 months. I would rather have the cougar go after my dog than after me. No it hasn't - in what way is a Dog holding onto the Cougar for its dear life for a short period of time until help arrives to kill it considered to be ''beating'' the Cougar? A Jaguar exceeds the bite force of a Lion but it cannot beat a Lion due to a 200lb size difference. Get answers by asking now. the children ran away and one of the parents came up to the tree to find a dead mountain lion and a wounded dogo. Jaguars are capable of killing Crocodiles, They use them in the HOPE it drives away or prevents lions coming near. Read my posts again. They would own a tibetan mastiff. And something everyone on this thread is seemingly misinformed about is that most dogs mentioned one here are bred to HUNT animals like Lions, not take them on. Hell, the Quora link you stated flat out says: ''There isn't much established research on this''. @frozen: If you're going to quote someone at least quote the entire message... Stop fetishizing animals for your own amusement. I've already shown you a story of a Dog beating a Cougar. It is possible for a massive/aggressive trained dog to beat a young, female, and starving wild cat but even then I wouldn't bet on it. Dec 12, 2019 - Explore Eric King's board "mountain lion" on Pinterest. Here is a video of a coyote whooping a mountain lion's ass. The lion was dead before the mule Berry took and shook the lion. A mountain lion may have snuck into a California home and snatched a sleeping dog from the foot of a family’s bed on Monday. What are the risks of taking pups away from the mother dog earlier than 2 months old. ... Eh, the right dog on the right day in the right circumstance could beat a puma. Kangaroo abilities: Speed Agility Lion/Lioness abilities: Nearly 1000 pounds of raw strength sharp claws and teeth A Lioness weighs on average 320 pounds. ... Can a dog beat a lion? Try again please. Jaguar's prey on turtles and we have clear evidence of Jaguar's being capable of piercing the shell. The first is that a dog has more awareness than people and will alert you if a mountain lion is near, and might even scare the mountain lion off. I would like to see some evidence of a Dog killing a healthy Grey Wolf, but I know I won't....because it doesn't exist. That was the lady with the bread knife, twelve inches long. Completely plausible in my opinion. Ok I guess a dog can beat a lion, tiger or bear? Why are you bringing up Tiger Sharks? Good. What Dog can fight a lion and have a chance of winning? 4: They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. In Africa a single Lioness can take down a 600 pound Zebra. Ha! The other school of thought is that dogs are a lot like coyotes, which mountain lions can eat. The owner saved the Dog. Good weapons make confidence. The two Plotts I had did really well, but I am just partial to Walker dogs. And German Sheppard's would not stand a chance against...any Big Cat, hell, there is a video posted a few posts up of a Jaguar flat out stomping and killing a larger Dog. I'd like to see some peer reviewed journals and not misinformation. I'd like to know why a Dog is stronger than a 250-300lb male Jaguar. Just type on google man Kangals vs Pit bulls. It says "Can Any single dog beat a Cougar or Jaguar" I've shown you evidence of a Dog beating a cougar. So a Sumo wrestler is stronger than a weightlifter or a boxer? My moms dog is so viscous and she refuses to get rid of him! Defending Yourself from an Aggressive Mountain Lion Recognize the signs of a pending attack. In 2017, three mountain lions were killed in Modoc County under these permits. 4: They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. This how a Tiger Head Mastiff looks like; it gives you a better view of the actual size. Male Jaguars are even bigger, weighing anywhere from 190-230 and can get as big as 300. LINK Here is a video of a coyote whooping a mountain lion's ass. This is NOT a comic-battle where a KO is a realistic option of beating someone. When that first lion walks by, yell out,'hey you big dumb cat i've been waiting for you my whole life.' When he gets like this, I am much more alert. But the advantage goes … Again, a Dog clinging onto a Cougar mid-air for dear life until its owner arrives to save it isn't a win. Jaguars killing Crocodiles? Because Jaguars have been documented to eat them for food. Top Answer. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. And the comparison you've given doesn't hold up; it'd be akin to you holding me down with all you strength for a few seconds until someone else arrives to help you. What circumstances led to F109 turning the tables, we do not know. LINK I've had to read it for you and WayneWilson. MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – A scary encounter took place for a man and his dog in Jefferson County when they came face to face with a mountain lion. A wild or fighting dog has a puncher's chance in sed fight. A Caucasian mountain dog bite is stronger than that of a lion and has the ability to learn the weakness of his opponent, the least it can do is to send the bear out, but if the owner or property is in danger then we are sure of a fight. If you read the earlier pages of the thread, this nonsense was debunked nearly 2 years ago. See more ideas about mountain lion, hunting dogs, coonhound. When a mountain lion got into a back yard and attacked this family pet, it seemed like curtains for the doberman. 2: Notice how I said beat and not kill.... 3: Jaguars have a bite force of 1110lbf. What breed is better for someone who never owned a dog before...A Labrador or Rottweiler ? Just got my frise. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No dog is beating a large jaguar though, completely different weight class. You've not proven those ridiculous claims either. The jaws of a Jaguar are among the strongest of the big cats: And I have provided evidence of the power of a Jaguar's jaw-bite: so again, where is the evidence that a Mastiff's jaws are strong enough to crush a turtle shell or dig into a Crocodile? The muscular cougar was much larger and unchained, as opposed to the dog … So the answer is yes, a crocodile can beat a lion. Bring nothing. You seriously think a Jaguar would kill a fully grown Crocodile in its natural habitat? I bet if a massif or pit bull sunk its bite in the right spot, kitty is going down. Cane Corso, Great Pyrenees, Presa Canario, Dogo Argentino The Pyrenees has double dew claws on their back legs that can rip open a lion's belly very quickly, and extremely high biting pressure. 2: There was even a story of a German Sheppard fighting a Jaguar (it obviously didn't win due to its small size, but it also didn't die. A strong one won’t. So as it stands, a Jaguar's bite is much more powerful than a Mastiff's. Sure, any big dog "could", but for a majority?,,,, 5: They are much, much stronger than any Dog; 7a swipe of a Jaguar's paw could crush the skull of a Tibetan Mastiff. Probably not. Sources for these stats? For anybody to think otherwise, is just silly. There are dogs who could probably kill a mountain lion some of the time. That's a big difference from someone pinning someone down and having full power; which is not what the Dog did, it was not capable of actually putting the Cougar down, it needed the owner's knife because it's bite was not strong enough. A wild or fighting dog has a puncher's chance in sed fight. Ha! but it fought it throughout a zoo (the size of which is 14 hectares in size)(14 hectares = 0.5 square miles). Assuming that we're are talking about a large, fully grown male Cougar or Jaguar vs their canine equivalent, then no single dog would win. a wolf would kill any dog including this one. If … It needed the owner to arrive, because it's bite was not strong enough to seriously inflict any real damage on the Cougar. 0 0 1. A pitbull can take down a mountain lion. 3: For your sake I hope your post is your attempt to cling to pride and nothing more. The Morocho story has been debunked; the Dog did not kill the Cougar and it did not come close to defeating it. the average more likely weight of a male kangaroo is 250 or 200. I have had Plott and blue tick hounds. Next, find a bush, any bush will do. The point is that a Jaguar had a bite-force strong enough to kill a Caiman; which have very thick skin. Just watched this episode of Dogs 101 on animal planet, in the list of dogs featured the Dogo was one of them. A large male will weigh upwards of 500lbs with even single females being able to bring down prey weighing in at around 2,000lbs... a dog would be easy pickings. The Basenji is an ancient breed. The first hyperlink you posted is a response to this, which states that the dog simply held onto the Cougar's neck until the owner arrived with a knife to kill the Cougar. Even large lone gray wolves don't stand a chance against a cougar (let alone a jaguar). Rhodesian ridgebacks, dogo Argentina.......NONE of them. If you get one of the bigger gamer Caucasian Shepard’s I would back it as I’ve seen hundreds of fights usually pit bull mixes not great dogs and always a lot smaller against huge kangals or Shepard’s the bigger dogs win nearly every time the Shepard fights extremely smart doesn’t rush in stupid like the pit nearly always does if the pit is fighting another small pit it’s fine but these Shepard’s can workout a situation and adjust plus they are freaking massive you watch them fight they use advantages they have so well they swipe with there paws and use there paws to hold dogs down with there weight and many times they take a rest and turn there bodies other dogs are unable to get a hold of them when they do they are only biting loose skin of fur. There was even a story of a German Sheppard fighting a Jaguar (it obviously didn't win due to its small size, but it also didn't die. Now stop with your half arsed deflections. Lions, fully grown male lions can dispatch even the most powerful of dog breeds in seconds. The lion is a much larger and stronger animal, with much larger teeth and eighteen razor-sharp claws (wolves' claws are non-retractile and thus blunt from constant contact with the ground). 1: A male Jaguar can kill crocodiles; 2: and they are capable of piercing turtle shells. A good knife does well up close. However, there are European mountain dogs that can beat a wolf one on one. The big cats kill by biting; their huge temporalis and masseter jaw muscles let them crush a prey's skull or snip the spinal cord at the back of the neck. Lol, no it isn't. NO DOG can fight a lion and win, ONE ON ONE or head to head if a lion was INTENT TO KILL. I've never heard of a dog personally KILLING an African Lion but I have heard of dogs defending/fighting against them or chasing them off, if they do manage to kill a lion it's likely they do it in large packs. There isn't a dog on THIS planet that can take a full-grown, healthy male lion. Deer can also become prey for mountain lions. The lion had been stalking them for the better part of the morning, on the way out to a hunt. That dog was a Sarplaninac (something that is nowhere near a Tibetan Mastiff in terms of Strength, Ferociousness, Bite force, speed, Weight). But the advantage goes to the bear because of … Lions, fully grown male lions can dispatch even the most powerful of dog breeds in seconds. And it's highly unlikely that a Dog would choose to hold onto the Cougar rather than kill if it had the chance, as it is a life-and-death situation - the more likely situation is that the Dog was simply not capable of killing the Cougar. It's utterly ridiculous. Two bear-faced Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog)'s, would easily take a wolf down. I would wager that a Gray Wolf would decisively slaughter a Tibetan Mastiff too. but it fight it throughout a zoo (the size of which is 14 hectares in size)(14 hectares = 0.5 square miles), 3: And i would happily take your money, due to the fact that Tibetan Mastiff's are bred to fight off wolves, leopards, bears, tigers. ow I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. the Wolf in that video was trying to kill several sheep which suggests it was probably starving (it was also on it's own). Mountain Lion Foundation portals are gateways to knowledge about mountain lions including biology, behavior, safety, and threats to the species. So again, you're not providing convincing evidence for how a Dog can beat a Cougar. So the answer to your question is yes. The Dog did not kill the Cougar at all. They have known to rip open bulls out on the range in Ca. Wiki User Answered . A mountain lion was captured in Simi Valley on Thursday morning, but it wasn’t the same one that last week attacked two dogs, killing one in a Simi homeowner’s backyard, authorities said. Stop telling me that there are ''stories'' of such extraordinary events occurring; it's incredibly vague and lazy. Very, very bad decision. This fight would be over in a few seconds. That's because you're a human; we are capable of punching, kicking and using submission holds due to our intellect/oposable thumbs. :This post now should be post #513. Dogs have been used to TRACK and CORNER lions for eons, dog vs lion - dog loses. And you are not reading your own links either. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Is the Vine glitching up again? Pound for pound, cougars are more deadly than African lions, according to wildlife biologists. Check out this video of a coyote doing just that. A female lion weighs around 230 lbs. Can a dog beat a mountain lion? @frozen: This in response to your reply to WayneWilson regarding the stories of Morocho..... Where the hell in the title does it say "Can Any single dog kill a Jaguar or Cougar"? (hardly a short period of time during a fight). Answer by Ted Greene you are all nuts. The owner killed the Cougar, not the Dog. 2 or 3 European male dobermann can beat a mountain lion Against 5 dobermann the mountain lion have no chance. No. 4: Besides a Kurdish Kangal, Tibetan Mastiff etc.. 6: Of course it would pal, keep believing that. If you think only humans can forge strong friendships with each other, think again. Funny how that works. They use them in pretty small packs to hunt mountain lions in the Rockies. The gripping clip shows the cougar creeping towards the dog… If a mountain lion confronts you and you brandish a weak branch and throw a pebble and yell, a weak mountain lion might back away. They are of Lion Head Mastiffs, which make the Mastiffs appear to be much larger than they actually are. When it comes to the topic of strength in dogs and their fighting strategy, most people have varying opinions because the variables are numerous.. It had it pinned to the ground with its Jaws wrapped around the cougars neck. - Mountain Lion is capable of killing large animal but not this time.. LOL. There are some dog breeds that big, but they are always slow as fuck with very little stamina and relatively small claws amd canines compared to their size. Because this post isn't about killing, it's about beating Cougars and Jaguars. So, what dog can beat a Pitbull? Evidence for this assertion? Man Who Suffocated An Attacking Mountain Lion Describes Fight For His Life Travis Kauffman, 31, was halfway through his run in the foothills outside Fort Collins, Colo., when he … So the answer is yes, a crocodile can beat a lion. Do you know how large Tigers and Bears are? (which has much thicker skin). For your sake, I hope you're a troll, because I refuse to believe the debating standards on this website have become this terrible. Weight = Strength? A Colorado dog owner has been left without his furry friend after the animal was grabbed off the street by a mountain lion, who killed and ate the canine. Nowhere in the title does it say kill it says > "Can any single dog BEAT a Cougar or Jaguar". Depends on if it is a Michael Vick's Pitbull. This is more-so because such evidence does not exist. A male Jaguar can kill crocodiles; and they are capable of piercing turtle shells. And as Erik had pointed out in his earlier posts, the pictures that are being posted are deceptive. The hunter got off the mule with his rifle and decided to shoot in the air to scare away the lion, but before he could get off a shot the lion charged in and decided he wanted a piece of those dogs. You have no idea what constitutes 'beating' do you? While the dog was crushing the Cougar's windpipe (Life threatening injury), and the dog held the cougar there for well over a minute. Cite me the facts. Hyenas have a bite force that far exceeds that of any canine or feline animal yet lions are the biggest cause of hyena death - bite force means nothing there. South African Boerboel have been used in Africa to guard livestock and to protect owners and their villages from lion attacks or attacks by other wild animals. The following story about a dog and his pal will prove that these animals would do anything for their loved ones – including their four-legged best friends. Highly trained in the tracking, confronting, & killing of wolves. You're right A man could beat a lion, most could not and the ones that can it could really go either way. I want clear-cut evidence, I don't expect I'll get it though after reading your posts. Furthermore, it's not specified what type of Wolf that was or whether it was male or female; the Wolf in that video was trying to kill several sheep which suggests it was probably starving (it was also on it's own). Therefore, a dog can stand a chance against a cougar. You are seriously fan-wanking if you think they can fight off Tigers and Bears, yet again, you are making more ridiculous claims without any evidence.

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