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The Round Stingray being from the temperate Eastern Pacific needs water temperatures between 65° F and 75° F, which is typically cooler than the average (78° F to 82° F) aquarium temperatures of the more common tropical marine aquariums. That also evoked fear in people that this could be their fate too if … *FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquatic life orders $149 and up. Their wing-like fins create ripples in the water as they swim. The Round Stingray is a bottom dwelling fish, with a tan body with dark brown spots. - For Active species the aquarium must be 1.5 times as wide as the full adult length of the ray, and 4 - 5 times as long. - When choosing a substrate for your tank, a smaller grade is ideal. It is best to offer them fresh squid or shrimp, by placing the food item onto the substrate near the ray. Left image: Wiki commons/Florin Dumitrescu. Copyright © 2020, LiveAquaria®. These stingray cowboy boots are the choice for those who know and appreciate a nice pair of stingray western boots. The tail spine is venomous, but is only used for protection. Then it may be fed shrimp, scallops or pieces of fresh marine fish. The approximate purchase size of your Stingray is measured as the diameter of the fish. It has a poisonous tail and should be treated with extreme care. FREE SHIPPING on qualifying aquarium supplies orders $29 and up. The tail spine is venomous, but is only used for protection. Not to be confused with Urobatis halleri, also known as the round stingray. This ray occurs to depths from the surface to 300 feet (91 m), however it is primarily found in waters less than 50 feet (15 m) in depth. Stingrays are flat and can vary in size from several inches to 6.5 ft. in length and weigh up to 800 lbs. When first introduced into the aquarium, small pieces of cleaned squid or live Care Profile on the Leopard Round Stingray Common Name: Leopard Round Stingray Scientific Name: Urobatis pardalis Alias: Central American round Stingray, or Costa Rican round Stingray. Secondly, the Round Stingray needs to have a soft sandy substrate that will allow them to both rest and hunt as they would in the wild. As they mature, their diet shifts towards bivalve molluscs. At 20 cm they weight about 1.5 lbs. Females apparently weigh at least 50 pounds and males 10 pounds before they are mature. Using their pectoral disc and mouths, they dig large pits to uncover buried prey. The tail is long, slender and sharply differentiated from the trunk, with one or more sharp serrated spines. *Your order may not look like photo shown due to variety and size within a species. Female Round Stingrays will carry embryos in both left and right uteri and undergo one pregnancy per year (Mull et al., 2010). Caution should be taken when netting it, or when it is not visible and maintenance is performed in the aquarium. It will eat any crustacean or mollusk in the aquarium. Caution should be taken when netting it, or when it is not visible and maintenance is performed in the aquarium. It often lies motionless in the sand, exposing only its eyes. Due to the large numbers of this species found living off the coast of California, many retailers and hobbyists have begun calling them the California Stingray. Hundreds of articles to help you with your aquarium. Hobbyists should be aware of the rays location within the aquarium when performing maintenance within the aquarium. Stingray Facts and Information Introduction to Stingray. Round Stingray native habitat, distribution, behavior & aquarium compatibility. The stingray's spine, or barb, can be ominously fashioned with serrated edges and a sharp point. The Round Stingray is also known as the Spotted Stingray or Spotted Caribbean Stingray. The round stingray Urotrygon rogersi (Jordan and Starks 1895) is an endemic batoid of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean that occurs on soft bottoms in … DIVER'S DEN® WYSIWYG Store - 100's of NEW Aquatic Life Added Daily! Coarse substrates also inhibit the natural actions of the Stingray, which will stress the Stingray and reduce the effectiveness of its natural immune system. Sizes will vary but generally are from 5-10 inch disc width. Size. The digging of these pit… The approximate purchase size of your Stingray is measured as the diameter of the fish. The small size (for a ray) and overall hardiness of the Cortez Ray makes it suitable for large aquariums maintained by advanced aquarium hobbyists. Danielle Mitchell (2000) – Stomach content analysis and prey importance of the round stingray; Tiffany Royal (2000) – The effects of body size on routine and standard metabolic rate of the round stingray; Charina Cain (1999) – Activity patterns of the kelp bass determine by ultrasonic telemetry in Big Fisherman's Cove The round stingray has a nearly circular disc-shaped body (width 3-10 inches) with a tail that is shorter than the length of the disc. Coarse substrates like crushed coral are not suitable for Stingrays as its coarse composition will scratch the belly of the ray, which will cause it irritation and infection. The round stingray is native to the eastern Pacific coast and is notorious for injuring swimmers and surfers. The Round Stingray needs to be able to dig into the substrate to both camouflage itself when sleeping or resting and to hunt for invertebrates buried in the substrate. A long venomous spine is located approximately halfway down the … The Cortez Stingray or Chocolate Chip Ray is found in the waters of Mexico and Baja California. At the end of the tail are one or more barbed spines covered by a sheath. Tackle need only be of medium size and most of these fish should be released. Feeding may be difficult in the beginning. Buy More, Save More! Common Names: Round stingray, Round fantail stingray, Round fantail ray. Sand or Fine Aragonite Sand is especially important for species that … It has also been observed swimming around rocky reef structures. Even though the Round Stingray is considered a smaller ray species, they still require a minimum of a 180 gallon aquarium with at least 2 feet from front to back to allow them to turn around comfortably within the aquarium. Identification: Circular disc, tail slightly shorter than disc length, sting present on tail. Click or tap the images below to view full size images, then click or tap off the image to shrink again. 4-5" - Sold Out 6-7" - Sold Out 8-9" - $120.00 USD Male & Female Pair 8-12” ea - $350.00 USD. It has a smooth oval olive drab colored body with dark brown ornate patterns. The Round Stingray prefers cooler water temperatures and should only be kept by an experienced hobbyist. This is a set of healthy California Round Rays (Urobatis Halleri). Proper aquarium size, substrate and oxygen levels combined with good nutrition will allow the Round Stingray to avoid diseases and thrive within the marine aquarium environment. This aplacental viviparous species attains a maximum size of 20 cm disc width (DW), its median size at maturity is 11.5–11.8 cm DW in males and 11.8–12.3 cm DW in females, size at birth is 7.5–8.2 cm DW and 11.5–14.7 cm total length, gestation lasts about 5–6 … Cortez Round Rays generally reach their adult size in about 2 to 3 years; however, they often grow more quickly in the aquarium environment where they receive regular feedings. Similar to other species of rays, the round stingray lives in sandy and muddy bottoms in relatively shallow waters off beaches as well as in bays, channels, and inlets. New specimens should be fed with the aquarium lights dimmed or turned off. Excludes Frozen Foods. Latin Name: Taeniura grabata. The relatively small size (10 inch main disc) has made the Round Stingray very popular with advanced aquarium hobbyists who keep shark / stingray tanks. Maximum Adult Size: Maximum total length is about 18.1 inches (46 cm), and a maximum disc width of 11.8 inches (about 30 cm).

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