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We're integrating neural and symbolic techniques to build AI that can perform complex tasks by understanding and reasoning more like we do. Every time one of them falters—failing to understand a question or botching an answer—Ronnen sees a teaching opportunity. In a demo, IBM researchers compared the process to cooking an apple pie. The position entails working as part of a leading team on cutting-edge technologies and solutions at the intersection of blockchain, analytics and AI, and include researching, prototyping and developing solutions to challenges in the multi-enterprise business network space. Membership. IBM’s customers, Ronen says, use Watson Assistant to improve service. Payel Das, Research Staff Scientist and Manager of Trusting AI Research, IBM Research. As AI becomes more prominent, so do fears that the technology will put people out of work. “That motivated me because, in a sense, she had to compromise her career because of her family.” Fortunately, Payel had no shortage of support from her immediate family, in particular her parents and an uncle who taught chemistry. Artificial intelligence is not only the next evolution of computing, it is also helping to define the future of human knowledge and the possibilities of advanced cognition. IBM today announced the launch of services intended to furnish researchers with resources to fight the novel coronavirus. “My mother earned a bachelor’s degree in history in the 1970s, but could not pursue her studies further because her family was not very supportive,” she says. Using this approach, Das and her team developed an AI algorithm that can find novel antimicrobial peptides that could eventually be used to develop new antibiotic drugs, a discovery they hope to soon publish in a major scientific journal. “I owe my career to my mother,” she says. After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry in India, Payel moved to the U.S. in 2002 to pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at Rice University in Houston. IBM and AMD have signed a multi-year joint development agreement to enhance and extend the security and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings of both companies. It enables developers to use state-of-the-art algorithms to regularly check for unwanted biases from entering their machine learning pipeline and to mitigate any biases that are discovered. In Jerusalem, she met her husband, who is also a technologist and a former IBMer. At IBM Research’s recent “The Path to More Flexible AI” virtual roundtable, a panel of MIT and IBM experts discussed some of the biggest obstacles they face in developing artificial intelligence that can perform optimally in real-world situations. In addition to her work for social good, Agarwal develops AI systems for business processes. In their experiment they described using HEIDL to improve AI’s ability to interpret the dense legal language found in contracts. Like myself, part of her family was living oversea at the time, and she was in a long-distance relationship with her husband for a few years, so we could relate to one another.” Yunyao’s husband, Huahai Yang, moved from Michigan to join the faculty at the State University of New York – Albany shortly before they got married and were in a long-distance relationship for a few years. By Katia Moskvitch. It's an idea that AI is more of an augmenter rather than a replacer. The WWN partners with senior management, human resources and other diversity network groups to promote programs in mentoring, networking, diversity, knowledge sharing and recruiting. IBM-MIT launch new AI challenge to push the limits of object recognition models, Coders worldwide help computers understand natural language, IBM and MIT researchers find a new way to prevent deep learning hacks, The potential benefits of AI for breast cancer detection, Moving Beyond the Lab: IBM Research Powers Pipeline of AI Advances for the Enterprise. Researchers are using AI to predict Alzheimer's disease seven years before clinical diagnosis. Try your hand at testing the … People around the world are hoping AI can deliver solutions for tackling the coronavirus which has … The IBM Research AI Hardware Center will host research and development, prototyping, testing, and simulation activities for new AI cores specially designed for training and deploying advanced AI models, including a testbed in which members can demonstrate Center innovations in real-world applications. The collaboration is part of the IBM AI Horizons Network (AIHN), a program dedicated to advancing the science of AI and enabling the use … Our digital and analog accelerators are driving massive improvements in computational power while remaining energy-efficient. Each component -- such as the pastry -- requires a specific set of instructions. Payel faced many obstacles on her path to IBM Research. IBM and MIT researchers find a new way to prevent deep learning hacks. Some of her other Natural Language Processing (NLP) research is aimed at helping train expansive AI systems using unstructured data, “a service that hasn’t been available to enterprises in a scalable manner,” she says. She specializes in AI. Now she uses AI to help children who are far less fortunate: the estimated 1 million Indian teenagers who are victims of human trafficking. The second paper is the first work describing a methodology to create AI documentation and explicitly includes FactSheet consumers and producers in FactSheet requirements gathering. By Larry Greenemeier. As she sees it, her job is to advance this educational process for AI. We're building tools to help you ensure that it is. Try CLAI, an open-source framework for AI-powered command line plugins. Yunyao enrolled in Tsinghua University in Beijing, where she ranked at the top of her class and received a dual undergraduate degree in automation and economics. This post is presented by The Watson Women’s Network, a community of technical staff, primarily based at the T.J. Watson Research Center, that seeks to encourage a workplace environment that advances the professional effectiveness, individual growth, recognition, and advancement of all women at IBM Research. We extend the unique collaboration between MIT and IBM Research to a small group of innovative companies and strategic partners comprising leaders in consumer technology, medical devices, finance, construction, energy, and international development. “That’s the beauty of [having a] human in the loop.”. Payel, who is married to an experimental chemist and has an 11-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, finds motivation in the challenges she faces as a woman engaged in a STEM career. Applying trained models to new challenges requires an immense amount of new data training, and time. Get What’s Next in AI delivered to your inbox, Getting AI to Reason: Using Neuro-Symbolic AI for Knowledge-Based Question Answering, IBM Teams with Industry Partners to Bring Energy-Efficient AI Hardware to Hybrid Cloud Environments, How to build trust in your AI model: the latest innovation from IBM Watson, Get the latest research news in your inbox each month, Discover more AI research news at our blog, IBM Analog Hardware Acceleration Kit for Python. Put the power of AI in your command line with Command Line AI (CLAI). She stayed there early in her career, working at several startups. To train the AI, IBM and Pfizer researchers used data … IBM noted that its Spectrum Computing team, based out of Canada Lab, has contributed “significantly” to Oríon’s code base. Compare VSRL with traditional reinforcement learning to see how they perform under different environmental conditions and with different amounts of training. Launched in 2018, the Rensselaer-IBM Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration is a multi-year, multi-million dollar joint venture boasting dozens of ongoing projects in 2020-2021 involving more than 80 IBM and RPI researchers working to advance AI. Copy. NLP essentially helps machines to read and write, and thus learn to learn and share information and knowledge with people.”, Yunyao Li, Principal Research Staff Member and Senior Research Manager for Scalable Knowledge Intelligence, IBM Research, with her son. IBM AI Systems Day . The AI Systems Day is a one day event that will feature a keynote, several short conference-style talks, and opportunities to discuss current research and results in systems and AI. “She left her job as a teacher and sacrificed to raise us.” Backed by her supportive family, Agarwal went to university in New Delhi and later received her master’s in computer science from the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIT Dehli). They have three children. Prerna Agarwal wants to make one thing clear. Her specialty was the exploding field of social search and social network analysis. But even deep learning isn’t immune to hacking. The competition, called NLC2CMD for ‘Natural Language to Command,’ ran as part of the NeurIPS 2020 program until December – and this Saturday, we’ll finally see what the winners have come up with. A team of researchers from IBM and Pfizer have designed an AI model that uses small samples of language data (obtained from clinical verbal cognitive tests) to help predict with 71 percent accuracy the eventual onset of Alzheimer's disease within healthy people. IBM’s AI Fact Sheets is one of those ideas. IBM Research – Zurich is one of IBM's 12 global research labs. By 2007, she had likewise earned her Ph.D. in computer science from Michigan. “If a young woman is passionate about pursuing a particular area,” she says, “I would advise her to go for it no matter the obstacles or what the statistics say.”. Building even the most sophisticated AI, after all, often means asking the simple questions that most humans never bother to ask. Thousands of them are rescued every year, but they’ve suffered searing trauma–physical, mental and sexual–and need counseling. IBM Research - Haifa is looking for outstanding students to join the Blockchain and AI group. By AI we mean anything that makes machines act more intelligently. The Open Source python toolkit for exploring and using the capabilities of in-memory computing devices in the context of artificial intelligence. “When we combine machine learning, scientific knowledge and a set of rules, the success rate of new scientific discovery can go up 100-fold.”. In short, AI must have fluid intelligence—
and that's exactly what AI research teams are building. The IBM 702: a computer used by the first generation of AI researchers. Ronen studied math and computer science in Israel, and got her master’s degree in computer science in Jerusalem. Their efforts extend from work process automation to the design of ever more intelligent chatbots to the discovery of new, more effective antibiotics. The system will grow more robust, she says, as it processes the feedback and adjusts its predictions. Share. It is part of the AI Research Week hosted by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. IBM’s human-in-the-loop research investigates how best to combine human and machine intelligence to train, tune and test AI models. During IBM’s virtual AI Summit this week, the company announced updates across its Watson family of products in the areas of language, explainability, and workplace automation. “Due to the poor economic situation at the time, I traveled outside our hometown only a couple of times before I went to college,” she says. 4 min read. All four of these researchers are women—a constituency that has helped lead IBM Research in the crucial task of removing or mitigating bias from AI algorithms—a key for fairness and gender equity. T For Inbal Ronen, mistakes are opportunities. IBM. IBM launched a global research collaboration hub
to drive next-generation AI Hardware and expand joint research efforts in nanotechnology. Through collaboration with Mila, IBM is also looking to enhance the implementation of “state-of-the-art” algorithms and improve machine learning and deep learning capabilities for AI researchers and data scientists. Both IBM Research’s offices in Kenya and South Africa and Google’s AI lab in Ghana share the same mission as their parent organizations: to pursue fundamental and cutting-edge research. Growing up in Kolkata—the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal—the idea of girls pursuing any career, much less one in math or science, was not widely accepted. Yunyao and her colleagues are working to advance last year’s research by better automating data labeling and improving HEIDL’s ability to interpret words not included in training dictionaries. She and her team zero in on these bottlenecks, studying the various tasks involved. The trouble is that there are not nearly enough trained counselors to help them. “We are developing machine learning algorithms that can combine learning from not only data, but also from physics principles, in order to design new materials and drugs,” says Payel, a Research Staff Scientist and Manager of Trusting AI research. “I focus my work on NLP because language is the most important medium for human to share information and knowledge. Inbal Ronen, Senior Technical Staf Member, Cognitive Collaboration Analytics, IBM Research-Haifa, with her daughter. Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The AI Fairness 360 toolkit (AIF360) is an open source software toolkit that can help detect and remove bias in machine learning models. The infusion of science will help ensure machine learning is robust, interpretable, fair and creative. At IBM Research we’re developing a new class of Analog AI hardware, purpose built to help innovators realize the promise of the next stages of AI. IBM and MIT to pursue joint research in artificial intelligence, establish new MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab 09/07/2017 - MIT News IBM and MIT are building a 100-person artificial intelligence research lab and business incubator Positive experiences with mentors in school and as a young professional have inspired Yunyao to take on that role for a new generation of women computer scientists. “There are a lot of things that data alone cannot tell you or that are more easily learned by asking someone,” says Yunyao, a Principal Research Staff Member and Senior Research Manager for Scalable Knowledge Intelligence. IBM researchers have developed a series of quantum algorithms that show how entanglement can improve AI classification accuracy. IBM has maintained a research laboratory in Switzerland since 1956. How do you increase the chance of scientific success? IBM AI researchers say ‘what is the question’ is the real question. Train a verifiably safe drone for dynamic environments. In this work, a team of IBM researchers provides multiple recommendations for easing the collection and flexible presentation of AI facts to promote transparency. Trust and security should be baked into
the core of any AI we put out into the world. Yunyao has benefitted from several mentors at IBM, as well, including Almaden researcher Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, former IBM Fellow Shivakumar Vaithyanathan and Laura Haas, who retired from IBM Research in 2017 after 36 years. The more efficient method, however, is to engineer the system itself to learn from the human, and adjust automatically. Deep learning may have revolutionized AI – boosting progress in computer vision and natural language processing and impacting nearly every industry. The malware was called DeepLocker. “It was very challenging to me when I moved from China to Michigan,” she says. We're building tools to help AI creators reduce the time they spend training, maintaining,
 and updating their models. “The book’s fascinating stories of technology and travel inspired me to travel, explore unknown places and learn about different technologies and culture,” she says. Get our latest research news in your inbox. She and her team at IBM Research – Almaden are investigating ways to ensure humans remain a critical part of AI training and decision making. They build systems to speed up the work, providing decision recommendations. Customers are able to get quick answers without waiting on help lines, and human agents are able to devote more time to more complex questions. Led by Ji Lin – a PhD student in Professor Song Han’s lab at MIT’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) – their recent study could help put more AI into a microcontroller than ever before. Today, we are announcing a challenge for the computer vision community to develop robust models for object recognition, demonstrating accurate predictions on ObjectNet images. Yunyao is leading a group investigating how to apply this approach to help AI better interact with people through natural language. Her interest in seeing rapid, more tangible results from research led her to IBM Research in 2007. One focus is to analyze work processes, scouting out areas of inefficiency, so-called hot spots. March 9, 2020 | Written by: IBM Research Editorial Staff. But even deep learning isn’t immune to hacking. Gopalakrishnan, along with other IBM researchers Naigang Wang, Jungwook Choi, Daniel Brand, and Chia-Yu Chen, achieved an AI milestone by introducing the … IBM previously explored using AI to identify proteins that can predict the concentration of amyloid-beta, a peptide that changes before Alzheimer’s-related memory issues are apparent. Sometimes, she and her team study the human response, and then use that to instruct the bot. Our work includes basic and applied research in machine learning, deep question answering, search and planning, knowledge representation, and cognitive architectures. Yet, if you ask IBM and AI researcher Costas Bekas, he'll mention that there's another view out there, too, one that sees AI not as a replacement for humans, but instead as a tool for humans to enhance their own skills and help them make new discoveries in their fields. “Fortunately, as a student I found a wonderful mentor—Mary Fernandez, a researcher at AT&T Research. One of her favorites books growing up was Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. COVID-19 knows no borders and has resulted in around 75,896 deaths as of writing. “In that sense,” she says, “the human is teaching the bot.”. This month, we are highlighting the work of four AI researchers at IBM who are pushing the frontiers of the technology. D eep learning may have revolutionized AI — boosting progress in computer vision and natural language processing and impacting nearly every industry. CLAI helps you navigate the command line more efficiently, removing roadblocks and finding missing dependencies. IBM researchers have already developed a 200-millimeter square chip that overcomes this bottleneck by processing and storing data in memory, ... (AI) applications. Payel Das and her team at the T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., are turning to physics to help resolve that problem. Growing up in the 1980s in Jinsha, a small town in southwest China, Yunyao had little exposure to computers. Before Agarwal and her team can program software to handle a job, they need to dissect the task into its base components and identify every decision point. “I’m a full-time working mom,” Ronen says. A global team of researchers from MIT, National Taiwan University and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab want to change that. The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab membership program is forging a new model for R&D. “We have to identify who are the actors involved,” she says “There’s a finite set of them. Ronen, a 16-year veteran at IBM Research in Haifa, Israel, focuses on the stumbles of chatbots. IBM’s human-in-the-loop research investigates how best to combine human and machine intelligence to train, tune and test AI models. Katyanna Quach Fri 2 Oct 2020 // 13:45 UTC. IBM Research & MIT Roundtable: Solving AI’s Big Challenges Requires a Hybrid Approach. We need AI that combines different forms
 of knowledge, unpacks causal relationships, and learns new things on its own. At IBM Research we’re developing a new class of Analog AI hardware, purpose built to help innovators realize the promise of the next stages of AI. It’s a dual job that involves education of human beings as well as machines. Researchers from IBM and AMD are working on projects around confidential computing in the Cloud and accelerating their machine learning capabilities. Yunyao Li wants to put much of that fear to rest. The field looked promising for over a decade, with the US government in the 1960s pouring billions into symbolic AI research. “Now, I want to share my experience with other people, and help give young researchers some visibility into their own future,” she says. The HEIDL (Human-in-the-loop linguistic Expressions wIth Deep Learning) model they introduced last year proposes to bring expert humans into the AI loop twice: first to label training data, then to analyze and improve AI models. Nvidia and IBM have released further AI solutions to help in the global fight against COVID-19. She zeros in on incidents where bots get confused and hand a query over to a human. “We don’t just want predictions from AI, we want to see if a model can explain why something is, or isn’t, going to work,” adds Payel, who has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles and is an adjunct associate professor in Columbia University’s Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM). AI Artificial Intelligence international women's day STEM Women in IBM Research women in science. Every once in awhile an idea comes along that’s so good it makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to think of it. This is where Agarwal’s AI can help. At the same time, they identify steps in the process that can be automated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a long history at IBM Research, dating back to the 1950s. With IBM researchers interest AI and security, they were determined to create such an attack as part of its countermeasure research. Her interest in technology next took her to the University of Michigan, where she earned master’s degrees in information science as well as computer science and engineering. IBM unleashes AI on two space problems: How to map all the junk in Earth's orbit, and how to put more up there Open-source projects aim to give researchers, startups a helping hand. Yunyao is leading a group investigating how to apply this approach to help AI better interact with people through natural language. Explore the hardware Get … What are the steps that they’re taking, and how complicated are they?” It’s through this process, she hopes, that she will contribute to AI systems that give back to society. IBM Research papers accepted to NeurIPS 2020, Verifiably Safe Exploration for End-to-End Reinforcement Learning, Accurate deep neural network inference using computational phase-change memory, Towards a Homomorphic Machine Learning Big Data Pipeline for the Financial Services Sector. Working with a non-profit called EmancipAction, she is developing a system to analyze resumes, questionnaires and video interviews to pinpoint the most promising candidates to be trained as counselors for trafficking victims. In 2017, she joined IBM Research in New Delhi. Today's AI is narrow. Prerna Agarwal, Staff Research Software Engineer, IBM Research-India. The AI, she says, scouts for bias and gender awareness, and analyzes video and speech for signs of emotional intelligence. Deep learning may have revolutionized AI – boosting progress in computer vision and natural language processing and impacting nearly every industry.

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